Georgia Evans and Family with the Monroe County BOE

The Monroe County Board of Education named Mrs. Georgia B. Evans as this quarter’s recipient of the coveted Friend of Education distinction, in honor of her husband, the late James P. Evans, Jr.  A “Friend of Education” is a person or business that is making a profound and positive impact on students, staff, and the community through supporting Monroe County Schools.

Mr. James P. Evans, Jr. demonstrated the true meaning of a Friend of Education in his dedicated service and support to the Monroe County school system. He served as the Monroe County Board of Education member from District 1 for more than 43 years. During that time, he twice served as Vice Chairman for a total of 21 years, and served as Chairman of the Board for 12 years. Mr. Evans wanted every child in Forsyth and Monroe County to learn, grow and succeed. He was known for working as a team, pushing for what’s best for our students and educators, never trying to impress but always leaving an impact.  He always supported what he felt was right, and spoke up when things were wrong.  Most importantly, he wanted all of our educators to be treated fairly and supported in our schools. In pursuit of that mission, his wife, Mrs. Georgia Evans was his co-pilot. 

Mrs. Evans firmly stood behind Mr. James P. Evans, Jr. during his extensive tenure in Monroe County Schools. She supported him in every way, helping him, carrying materials and documents to him, and accompanying him to countless events. Mrs. Evans is a strong woman. She is filled with kindness, generosity, compassion, and integrity. As a retired educator from the Monroe County school system, she understood Mr. Evans' commitment to our students and educators and faithfully served and supported District 1 right beside her husband.   Thank you, Mrs. Georgia B. Evans, for always being a “Friend of Education.”